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About Us


Inner Circle specializes in the job placement of finance and accounting professionals on a full time and consulting basis. Our clients are made from a wide array of companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups in a myriad of industries.

Today’s competitive market place has made it increasingly challenging for companies to source, attract and retain talented candidates. This has been especially true in the areas of accounting and finance where there has been a heightening demand in the role they play in the overall success of a company. Finding the right finance professional to fit a company’s corporate culture while having the necessary skill set has become a burdensome challenge. In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies often find themselves in a difficult position. They are in need of immediate help, without having the in-house resources to complete the hiring process in a timely fashion.

Our dedicated team of recruiting managers has an extensive background both domestically and internationally in business management, accounting, finance, and recruiting ranging from small entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 corporations. This blend of diversity and experience sets Inner Circle Search apart from other staffing firms. We pride ourselves in having a candidate base that is successfully employed and progressing well in their particular careers. In most cases, our candidates are not necessarily interested in changing jobs but would do so for the ideal opportunity. This is where Inner Circle Search comes in. We bridge the gap between employers and candidates by exposing opportunities that are ideal for certain individuals. In turn, client companies are exposed to a selected pool of highly skilled individuals that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our fees are always paid by the employer and are contingent upon the successful performance and duration of each candidate. Inner Circle Search feels confident in the success of its candidate’s performance and stability and offers a generous program guarantee.