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Our dedicated team of recruiting managers has an extensive background, both domestically and internationally, in business management, accounting, finance, and recruiting ranging from small entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 corporations. This blend of diversity and experience sets Inner Circle Search apart from other staffing firms. We are dedicated to helping you reach the next stage of your career. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to grow,  a change in corporate culture, or maybe just a desire to work closer to home, we work hard to find you the ideal position that you will enjoy for many years.

We take the time to find out your career needs and aspirations. Our team delves into your background and explores all options including some you may have not considered. Through our in-depth personalized interviewing practice, we find out what is genuinely important to you and help you obtain it. We remain committed to you throughout the entire search process.

Our clients are aware that, most often, our candidates are not actively looking and interviewing, but instead are employed and progressing well in their career. Furthermore, we let them know that our candidates are proactive and prefer to conduct a selective search through our services for the ideal opportunity. This coincides with our belief that it is better to have the perfect opportunity find you, than to be in a reactive situation where you have to take the next available job.

We pride ourselves in constantly communicating with hiring managers. Often times when opportunities become available, we have a head start in the hiring process thus giving you an edge on the competition. We realize that changing jobs can be extremely stressful and our appreciation and understanding of this allows us to delicately guide you through the process. We always insist and maintain open and honest, two-way communication and recognize the importance of confidentiality. Furthermore, we also provide you with timely feedback at every step of the process.